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GMT is an acronym of Gospel Music Team.
GMT is a group of Recording Christian Artists that are committed to the making of Gospel Songs and Music Videos for private, group and public worship across the world, on all available playback mediums that the world can provide, and at live concerts, on video stream services and broadcasting stations.

This team is strictly composed of Christians who have the ability to write songs, sing and play musical instruments. The GMT does not discriminate based on ethnicity, gender, status, age, religious affiliation or nationality. We are self-sustained and embraces partners that are willing to support GMT with funds, feature us at concerts at any level (local, state, regional, national or international concerts), sponsor GMT projects and events, donate equipment and instrument or avail GMT promotional opportunities.

GMT is fully dedicated to developing lyrics, organizing auditions and rehearsals for members, and committed to the production line (recording, mixing and mastering of the songs), we promote GMT Artists and products and distribute and market songs. GMT Extra activities include photography, videography, publishing and graphic design (publications, posters and billboards). GMT manages her online platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube), and we work tirelessly to create help and support resources, and ensure GMT broadcasts on WebTV, Radio and on the traditional media.

1. Members shall be recognized internationally.
2. The members are inspired to produce, promote and release songs for free.
3. GMT members will receive free consultation and support while their projects are in progress.
4. Training and development activities are organised for the improvement of GMT members.
5. Members can rehearse freely in the Studio.
6. Productive members can earn their livelihood through their gifts, talents and skills.
7. GMT members provide assistance free of charge for individual projects.
8. Members could be invited locally or internationally from anywhere in the world.
9. GMT members are registered in local and international contests and awards programmes.

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