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Become A Professional Singer In Six (6) Months
Learn And Become  A Pro Singer and you will have Free Studio Sessions to Produce and get a promo video for your Songs.
What's In The Product
1. Choosing A Song Theme
You will learn and understand how the Pros find and choose music theme for their songs.
2. Undestanding Song Structure
The Pros don't just write lyrics for a song, professionals have song structure in composing and arranging their song lyrics.
3. Writing Song Lyrics
We shall equip you with the knowledge to approach songwriting in various formats and styles of writing a new song.
4. Rehearsing Your Lyrics
Learn the best method to rehearse your song like most Pros do. Rehearsing a new song is not like scoring already recorded music. It involves time signature, tempo, sofa notation, vocal key, singing techniques, and more.
5. Recording Songs In The Studio
Recording a song in the studio is nothing like singing on stage, there are steps to doing this the right way.
6. Promoting A New Song
No matter how good a song is, if people are not aware it exist, it will be a waste of time and resources when you invest your all without promoting your new release.
7. Distributing And Selling Songs
The most disturbing aspect of the music career is in distributing and Monetizing a new song, and this is a great challenge faced by many recording artists out there.
Special Offers
You'll have free studio sessions to produce 2 original songs and promotion videos
We offer Free and Paid Products, Results driven services, and a Community packed with skilled Artists.
Price: #20,000 (NGN)
or the ($ Dollar) equivalent rate
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kfi4all DigitalArts LLC - Discovers New Artists, Promote Artists, Organizes Development programmes for Artists, Market songs, run Publicity (on papers, Radio, and Television Shows), and spread our Artists all over the social media Platforms. We discover and develop Gospel Artists as part of the Industry's GMA-Academy offer and provide enhancement programme and free studio-time for our GMT members. Click here for more...
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kfi4all talks about three things - Impactful Feelings, Replay Value and Shareability.


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kfi4all DigitalArts LLC
"write the lyrics, we make the song!"
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