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About GMT
Discover the skill in you!
We observed many gospel singers limiting their singing skills to performing only in the choir as though there is nothing more to it: this is a problem the industry discovered among most gospel talents in the church community.

The studio came up with a solution called GMT, an acronym for the Gospel Music Team, an enhancement facility for gospel singers only that focuses on improving singers' skills through a series of learning and vocal exercises, creating opportunities to perform live at gospel concerts, going on eventful tours, corporate assistance, and studio tools for making demo songs.

The kfi4all enhancement facility is structured to take the gospel singers beyond just singing in the choir and to provide an environment to do more for the Lord Jesus Christ through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to develop songwriting techniques for church worship, prayer departments, and other church events, compose songs and produce them into finished products. That way, your song can go viral by sharing it across all social media platforms with families, relatives, friends, and the church. Lots of possibilities will be within your reach to explore. Now, singing in church is nothing like singing in the studio. GMT will give you exposure in several ways, and this will make you more productive and efficient in your church music ministry.

Another thing we do at GMT is to access your vocal progress and growth as you go along with us. The team will help you figure out your voice and equip you to sing like a pro. There are programmes and resources to help you build a fan base as a gospel artist.

GMT is not all that is at kfi4all studios; when you become a pro singer in GMT, GMA: Gospel Music Academy is an advanced platform to build a career in gospel music, where you can get rewarded with your singing skills.

This is who we are, what we are, and why we invite you to join us.
Benefits -
1) You will have an online profile page.

2) We give studio tools to make demo songs.

3) GMT will offer you social media platforms to build your own fanbase.

4) There are training, seminars, workshop and vocal exercises.

5) Live concerts are organized for participation.

6) We go on music tour.

6) Get gospel music invitations.

7) A chance to build a career in gospel music.
Learn how to get started with GMT
by following these steps
1. To register, visit the GMT Centre at www.kfi4all.com. Get your registration form online, complete it, and submit it. Your submitted form will be verified within 48 hours to confirm your identification and contact information.

2. If verified successfully, you will receive a congratulatory message via SMS. GMT will provide you with a link to all information needed to help you connect with GMT management and members.

3. Consult GMT guidelines to avoid breaches. GMT is an organized facility and it is intended that you work according to GMT rules.

4. You may become a member of the GMA, where you may pursue a career in gospel music. It means you can sign up for the kfi4all record label to earn professional rewards and grow!
When you think about making a gospel song, and not just a song, but the kind that should be held back for centuries. Consider the kfi4all recording studio. We help to create memories as we don't just handle customers' projects for benefits but to become a part of your dream and what should make you succeed in your effort to compete with the award-winning music competitors in the world.  kfi4all talks about three things - Impactful Feelings, Replay Value and Shareability.


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"write the lyrics, we make the song!"
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