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Praise Daramola
About me

I am the Ondo boy, who was born and breeded in Nigeria, who started his grassroot musicianship from the northern part of Nigeria precisely "Jos, Plateau State" as a "gifted" church drummer, who has experienced diverse genres of music from church music.

With a professional experience as the official drummer of the visionary church and host of the world biggest gospel concert THE EXPERIENCE. (HOTR) Abeokuta city Church Ogun state for a span of 2½ years. And is well becoming of the new school drumming in Nigeria. He is creating a name and face for himself in the industry which will be recognized in no time.

In no time, Poblegendrumx has been the stage drummer of few notable Gospel artist in different regions of Nigeria the likes of ☆GMT label ☆Lorraine Panam ☆Glory Ubong ☆Sonia Innocent ☆Yemi Ogunwa ☆Minister Jeremy, known for his versatility in playing different genres of music and versed experience in live drum recording. He has recording and backing experience with artists like; ☆Yemi Ogunwa ☆Glory Ubong and a privileged live performance for the renowned ☆Peterson Okopi "crooner of Osubare" moving on, with a promising head out to limelight in the gospel music industry locally and internationally. Poblegendrumx will turn out to be a virtuoso with excellent musicianship.
Inspiration and Vision
When you think about making a gospel song, and not just a song, but the kind that should be held back for centuries. Consider the kfi4all recording studio. We help to create memories as we don't just handle customers' projects for benefits but to become a part of your dream and what should make you succeed in your effort to compete with the award-winning music competitors in the world.  kfi4all talks about three things - Impactful Feelings, Replay Value and Shareability.

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