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Is kfi4all® Studio designed exclusively for Christian projects?
No, we provide studio services to a countless number of clients without religious discrimination.

What are the available studio sessions in kfi4all® Studio?
Session packages in kfi4all® Studio are:
(1) Quick session (2 hours only).
(2) Half session (4 hours only).
(3) Full session (7 hours only).
and the Ultimate package.

Describe what Ultimate package is in kfi4all® Studio?
Ultimate package does not count in hours, but based on the project itself. It handles projects from the start to finish within a stipulated two (2) full sessions. Terms and Conditions apply.

What are the days and time of operation in kfi4all® Studio?
Our days are Monday to Fridays weekly, and the time is 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM daily.

Does kfi4all® Studio operates at night?
No, we currently do not offer Recording Services at night.

What is the cost of production at kfi4all® Studio?
The cost of production varies according to the task: advertising, music, videos, website development, and web hosting services. Therefore, click on this link to the price list.

How can I locate kfi4all® Studio?
kfi4all® Studio has no branch at the moment. You can visit the Studio along Uwenleboh street, by Opoji Junction, Ekpoma, Edo, Nigeria.

Are there Instrumentalists and Singers for the client projects?
Our Studio policy does not cover such services; however, kfi4all Recording Studio may assist when necessary.

Is kfi4all® Studio services Analogue or Digital?
Services at kfi4all Studio comprise Analogue, Digital, and Hybrid operations.

I wrote my lyrics and have rehearsed thoroughly. Can kfi4all® Recording Studio make the music for me?
Yes, that is what we do for our clients.

Can an artist sign up for the kfi4all® Label and what is the procedure for signing up for the Label?
Yes, you can sign up for our Record Label and there are procedures. Aspiring artists should contact the Studio for the necessary instructions.

What is kfi4all® GMT?
GMT is the acronym for "Gospel Music Team". This group is exclusively reserved for Gospel Music Artists. For information, click on this link.

Are Musical Instruments available at kfi4all® Recording Studio?
Yes, we have any musical instruments (tangible and VST plugin) that any customer may need for their music project.

Mention whatever studio project that is possible at kfi4all® Studio?
The kfi4all® Recording Studio offers all the services available in existing studios around the world, including audio, video, graphics, animation, advertising, desktop applications, website development, and web hosting services.

If the clients come from far away places, will the Studio host them for the period of days they will remain on their project?
No, this is currently not part of kfi4all® customer service policy. It is expected that clients will make their own arrangements or communicate with the Studio for assistance.

What is the Booking procedure at kfi4all® Studio?
kfi4all® Studio recommends that clients should book ahead of their project against disappointment as the desired date and time may not be available; it also help to ensure that the Studio is properly ready for the project, like getting in touch with instrumentalists and Singers when required. So, to make your  booking, click here for the booking form.

Are there Training Services at kfi4all® Studio?
Yes, if the candidate is willing to adhere to the requirements of the kfi4all® training policy. Visit this link to learn about Career Talks and kfi4all® education policies..
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