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Welcome to kfi4all DigitalArts' Studio
We Mentor, Produce, Promote, and Grow Upcoming Music Artists

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We Solve Your Production Problems, Walk You Through Sales, And Help Kickstart Your Music Career.
Our proven services have guided more than 100 music artists towards achieving success in their music careers. Explore a diverse range of resources including audio, video, ebooks, print materials, platforms, and a supportive community to nuture your skills and advance your career.
Become A Pro Singer In Six (6) Months
Learn And Become  A Pro Singer and you will have Free Studio Sessions to Produce and get a promo video for your Songs.
Build Contents for Your Online Platform Today!
kfi4all DigitalArts Studios will create contents for your online platforms and websites: music, videos, adverts, publish ebooks, pre webinar contents and more.
Develop Result Driven Website for Your Brands, Organisation, and Business.
It's not enough to have just any website on the internet without a purpose; we make things happen for you from our wealth of experience and available technology.
Possibilities at kfi4all DigitalArts Studio
Social Media Contents, Broadcasting Contents, Event coverage Contents, Promotional Contents, Entertainment Contents, and Informative Contents
Our task is to Find Potential Music Artists [the upcoming and struggling artists], Mentor them to the status of Pro Music Artists, Produce, Promote, and Distribute their Songs; we get them on live stage around the world; then, manage their Music Career. kfi4all DigitalArts LLC provides mentorship programmes, render customer service, and creates multimedia content, with a focus on supporting upcoming music artists.
kfi4all DigitalArts LLC - Discovers New Artists, Promote Artists, Organizes Development programmes for Artists, Produce Artists and Market songs, run Publicity (on papers, Radio, and Television Shows), and spread our Artists all over the social media Platforms. We discover and develop Gospel Artists as part of the Industry's GMA-Academy offer and provide enhancement programme and free studio-time for our GMT members. Click here for more...
Monday to Fridays 8:00AM - 4:00PM
Call +2348038606060 & +2348078585944
When you think about making a new song, and not just a song, but the kind that should be held back for centuries. Consider the kfi4all DigitalArts' Studio. We help to create memories as we don't just handle customers' projects for benefits but to become a part of your dream and what should make you succeed in your effort to compete with the award-winning music competitors in the world.  kfi4all talks about three things - Impactful Feelings, Replay Value and Shareability.

Let's give life
to your Lyrics
kfi4all DigitalArts Studios creates music that affects emotion.
kfi4all talks about three things - Impactful Feelings, Replay Value and Shareability.


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kfi4all DigitalArts LLC
"write the lyrics, we make the song!"
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