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Project Support provides advice and support to kfi4all Studios customers to manage budget workflows that include audio, video and website projects. It addresses the timing, budget and details of a given task. Now, the steps for starting and finishing your project are as follows:

1. Understand what you would like us to solve for you or the organization you represent. The problem or need you have, and a vivid image of the finished job in your mind. For instance, you'd like to do a song. There should be a goal, a reference song and an idea as to how the final draft should sound. The same is true when it comes to videos and website projects.

2. To get started with us, send a project form to www.kfi4all.com. The studio offers free consultancy services to its clients about how to carry out their projects. We listen and provide advice based on your project description, target audience, budget, work schedule and workflow.

3. Have a project plan for the ultimate outcome as explained in item 2 above. Our project team can help to get things right with you, and if you are in doubt about any issue, Customer Service can be reached for help and support when the need arises.

4. More importantly, a project needs to have a realistic timeline: the starting point and the end (time frame). No project is expected to carry on indefinitely. Make your payment and the crew will handle the project.

5. Just in case, you are not satisfied, which is generally not our culture in kfi4all Studios. We have many project management options and methods - we stop at nothing to please customers and make them happy. Consult our Terms of Service for clarity.

I hope this information is useful and easy enough to guide you through the process.
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