write the lyrics and we make the song
Write the SONG and We make the Music
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kfi4all® Studio makes music creation very easy
You should be thinking about doing your original song?
Don't worry, you're in good hands.
We shall walk you through the process.
If this is your first time creating a new track in kfi4all Recording Studio, then this document is for you. There are stages in the making of a song and we'll discuss it here.


Organize your lyrics and book rehearsal sessions, say a couple of rehearsal sessions. It's very important to familiarize yourself. It assists with corrections and changes. The production team will keep you in the selection of a suitable music genre for the song and better organize the lyrics for your actual recording.
Please learn to follow the professional guidance provided by the team. The musical project is not about you, but about your audience.


Book session for beat-making. We suggest you dedicate this session to making beats only. Set up a time to add the voice.
Note that during the rhythm-making process, your team will ask you to sing again and again until your voice becomes incapable of singing to the rhythm.


Singing in the studio is different from singing on stage. There are a few rules to observe, such as the distance between your mouth and the pop-microphone filter. You shouldn't wiggle your mouth while singing. A singer doesn't have to sing under pressure. The voice should be professional throughout the recording.
Be aware of your diction, sound quality, phrases and character of the voice. The lyric is the message of the song. Let it be very clear. This could take all day to complete.

Watch the video on this page to see what it takes to perform in a recording studio.


Mixing is the work of the Sound Mixing Engineer, under the guidance of the Music Producer and the Artist.
The engineer will give you what you need to craft the song to what it should be. Also, learn to listen to his guidance.


Mastering the song is something that you leave to the mastering engineer.
You don't have a lot to offer at this stage. It is entirely the master's responsibility to carry out his work.
How to Sing in the Studio
This video deals with your singing experience in the studio.
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