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First of all, understand the concept of your video project, that is, you should determine whether the project is an interview, documentary, video magazine, advertisement, drama, training, tutorial, testimony, event video, live stream, event coverage, etc.

The final outcome of the video project should be considered to be the target format of the overall process. What is the goal of the video project? For TV broadcast, a live video stream, to be distributed, for download, or to be shared on social media, to make it into disc media, for the cinema show, slideshow presentation, etc.

Prepare your video project with sufficient research into the topic of the video. Build the photo in your mind and write the story, that is what is known as a script. If you don't know what to do, the team at kfi4all Video Studio may do it for you.

The next step is to gather materials for the project, such as captions, photos, soundtracks, sound effects, video clips, animated clips and more. Stunning video footage includes good lighting, colour, focus, exposure, camera motion, depth of field, professional shots and frame size. The quality and selection of the camera should be closely examined at this stage. Professional snapshots and well-edited photos are needed, with great sounds.

The scope and limits of producing a good video depend on the amount of time spent on it, the budget plan and the level of the creative experience of the filmmaker.
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